Faith-building Learning Activities To Do at Home

April 2021

Making "Lazarus Cookies" or "Lazarakia"  —Offered by Fr. Alex

The many friends who have suggested this activity and a host of websites that offer recipes.

To offer a meaningful, hands-on activity to our families concerning the Saturday of Lazarus, pointing to the power of Holy Week and the Resurrection of our Lord.

After Divine Liturgy and our other Church activities on the Saturday of Lazarus, or whenever you can make it all happen, go over the Gospel lesson with your children. It might be helpful to bring up the following: How Jesus had friends while He was here on earth and that Martha, Mary and Lazarus were among them—further, that Jesus loved them all deeply and was truly sad when Lazarus died. Because He loved Lazarus, Jesus came to him; because the people needed to be encouraged in their faith, Jesus called Lazarus forth from the tomb, prefiguring His own Resurrection.

Here's the Gospel for the Saturday of Lazarus: 
Gospel Reading - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (

A terrific recipe for the cookies, with all the ingredients you'll need to prepare, may be found here: 
Lazarakia Recipe – Adventures of an Orthodox Mom

Doing It
The idea is to make the cookies look like little men in burial shrouds. Keep in mind that they don't have to come out perfectly. As long as thoughtful, prayerful time is spent together as a family, bringing us all closer to the meaning of this holy day, what could be better?

Send me a picture of your cookies, and we'll post them on our website and social media channels. A blessed Holy Week to our parish family!